In November 2018, I finally finalised one of my last project in 2018. It took about 3 months to develop the website from the scratch. We started it with a theme that we bought from Themeforest and then we customized it based on the client’s requirements.

The site has a section that allows people to donate and we were using a free plugin from to achieve this request.

Everything looks good until our client requested to add a recurring feature to the donation form. So there will be an additional option on the donation form to ask about how often the donor want to make the donation. They can choose : One Time, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

The plugin that we were using is simply don’t provide this functionality. After did a quick research, we found that the plugin has a recurring feature on the premium version and then we decided to purchase it.

Unfortunately, even with the premium version of the plugin, our client was still not happy because the UX is not good. It was very complex to add multiple options on the recurring donation. Also, the front end was also not simple for the donors.

In this situation, we had to make a decision. Finally, we decided to create the plugin from the scratch with Square API because our client didn’t want to use any other payment gateway.

In December 2018, I started to develop the plugin and in January 2019 the plugin is ready for the first review. For your reference, I have added some screenshots to show you more details about the plugin.

On the first section of the donation form, we have amount and the frequency of the donation. On the amount section, there are $10, $25 and $50, but if the donor wants to donate in other amount, they can fill in the “Other Amount” field.

On the frequency, there are One Time and recurring (Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly).

On the second section, we have donor’s information and additional note.

And finally, on the third section, we have a Payment Information section. The validation and everything related to the payment processing is being handled by Square API.

Mobile Version

That’s all the donation form. Now let’s move to the backend (WP Admin section).

On the admin panel section, there is a section to see all donations. There is a quick information about the donors, amount, status, frequency and the next payment date.

We can also click on one of the data to see the details.

Finally, the last part of the plugin is the Settings page. In this page, we can setup the Square API key, token, etc.

We have launched this plugin to the production site last week. If you get interested to build something similar, feel free to contact me. I’m ready to help. 🙂