Recently I had a client requested to add Eventbrite checkout to their WordPress site and I found this helpful article : How to add Eventbrite’s Embedded Checkout to your site

Based on that awesome embedded checkout feature, I had an idea to create a WordPress plugin so that the embedding process could be much easier for people.

I finally decided to create it from the scratch and now I have created the plugin and it is already approved on the official plugin directory.

Allows people to buy Eventbrite tickets without leaving your website. Sell tickets right from your WordPress site!

Popup Mode
Embed Mode

1. Embedded the Eventbrite checkout form on the page with your content
2. Add a button that opens the Eventbrite checkout modal over your content
3. Easy to use. You just need to copy-paste the shortcode to any post or page on your website

UPDATE : Version 1.0.1
1. Set custom height on Embed mode
2. Set custom button text on Popup mode

1. SSL Certificate

1. Upload, Install and Activate the plugin
2. Go to Eventbrite Form
3. Insert your Eventbrite Event ID
4. Choose how the checkout form appears
5. Save Setting
6. Copy the shortcode and paste it on any post or page on your website

Download from

UPDATE 31 OCT 2019

The pro version of the plugin is available here :

Pro Features :
1. Ability to add multiple events
2. Shortcode generator